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April 8, 2014 at 11:32am
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Arkady and Boris Strugatsky are probably the most famous Soviet-era science-fiction writers, but only recently have any of their numerous books come back into print in the US: Chicago Review Press published a new translation of Roadside Picnic (the basis for Tarkovsky’s Stalker) in 2012 and Melville House just published Definitely Maybe (translated by Antonina Bouis). CRP will also publish Hard to Be a God in June.

These scans come from the 50 Watts hoard except for the top 1979 Penguin (art by Adrian Chesterman) courtesy of David/qualityapemanRichard M. Powers illustrated the bottom Roadside Picnic and the four other covers in that style.

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April 6, 2014 at 1:55pm
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The outcome? The ants nearly doubled their range. The mirex, which was later found to be a carcinogen, persisted in the environment for decades, accumulating in birds’ eggs, mammals’ milk, and human tissues. The world’s leading ant researcher, E.O. Wilson, dubbed the mirex program the “Vietnam of entomology.”

— Ants Go Marching - Issue 3: In Transit - Nautilus *knotesy

cool … new wood covered field notes arrived

cool … new wood covered field notes arrived

April 3, 2014 at 5:12pm
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when i hear the kids at work talking about the napster days.

April 1, 2014 at 1:30pm
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A Guide to Six Strange Ocean Phenomena Through a 19th Century Text

Curious things happen out on the ocean. Some of these natural phenomena are illustrated in detail in Philip Henry Gosse’s compendium The Ocean from 1854. As part of their recent releasing of more than a million images into the public domain through Flickr, the British Library shared a few of these strange occurrences in their 19th century glory, and out on the seas you can still sometimes witness the otherworldly spectacles with your own eyes. 

We break them down for you over on Atlas Obscura…

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March 30, 2014 at 5:20pm
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The Linux kernel is one of the largest collaborative software projects in the history of the world and has almost nothing in the way of formalized management structure. We have people who have a strong operating systems background who have been contributing code, and then we have people like me. I have a background in fruit fly genetics and yet someone lets me get close to the Linux kernel; this seems wrong. And then we have people who are genuinely kids in their bedroom. It’s a miracle it works as well as it does. We should be astonished that we’re able to get it so right so much of the time.

— Matthew Garrett (via pipefail)

saw “Jodorowsky’s Dune” at Film Forum last night, it was fantastic.

March 29, 2014 at 10:52am
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The women’s petition against coffee : representing to publick consideration the grand inconveniencies accruing to their sex from the excessive use of that drying, enfeebling liquor, 1674.


"Our men, who in former Ages were justly esteemed the Ablest Performers in Christendome; But to our unspeakable Grief, we find of late a very sensible Decay of that true Old English Vigor; our Gallants being every way so Frenchified, that they are become meer Cock-sparrows, fluttering things that come on Sa sa, with a world of Fury, but are not able to stand to it, and in the very first Charge fall down flat before us. Never did Men wear greater breeches, or carry less in them of any Mettle whatsoever."

The mens answer to the womens petition against coffee : vindicating their own performances, and the vertues of that liquor, from the undeserved aspersions lately cast upon them, by their scandalous pamphlet, 1674.


Houghton Library, Harvard University

March 28, 2014 at 5:55pm
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Mongolian girls becoming eagle hunters to help keep ancient tradition alive | GrindTV.com *knotesy

Mongolian girls becoming eagle hunters to help keep ancient tradition alive | GrindTV.com *knotesy

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There is no phone network, no light and no help. Lose track of your whereabouts and you may wait days to meet another soul. Aside from headlights and the sound of voices, the corridors are pitch black and the silence deafening, even for experienced explorers. “The first time you spend the night here, silence keeps you awake,” the guide explains. “The sound of your own heartbeat and the shush of air coming through your lungs can be overwhelming.”

— Paris catacombs redefine underground scene - Features - Al Jazeera English *knotesy

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lucas better keep his little mouth shut


lucas better keep his little mouth shut

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